Collection MasterTM
Manage your stamps collection and inventory

Feature No. 1

Designed for ANY type of collection

No matter what it is you collect, the Collection Master will handle all the details. It is
fully customizable.
Collection Master provides you with a wizard to step you through the collection creation.

Feature No. 2

With 30+ preloaded Templates

Feature No. 3

View all you collections in one screen

  The Explore type of view let you view all collects in on screen. Event shows you different types of collections. Switch to another collect or collection is just one click away  

Feature No. 4

Summary view shows detail of all collection items in one screen

Double-click on a column heading and it sorts your collection based on that column. Double-click it again, it sorts in the reversed order.

Feature No. 5

Move collection item is just a Drag and Drop

In case you want to re-organize you collections, you may want to move an item from one collection to another. For example, if you have too many duck stamps in your 'US Stamps' collection, it maybe the time to create a new collection called 'Duck Stamps', After the 'Duck Stamps' is created, you don't have to re-enter the duck stamps again into the 'Duck Stamps'. You can just drag the stamp in 'US Stamps' collection to the new 'Duct Stamps' collection. It just a matter of drag and drop. It's so easy.

Feature No. 6

Clone a collection item

  You can also make a copy of an existing collection item by just one click. Save you a lot time from re-entering them again.  

Feature No. 7

Data Entry is Easy

The smart text box remembers what you have typed. It automatically types for you.

Feature No. 8

Unlimited number of images per item

  Collection Master makes images your friends. It shows the snap shut of each image in the Detailed view. Images are resized to fit into the snap shut window. Full-size the image can also be view by double-click on the image itself. Click the 'New' button to add a new image. To delete an image just click on the 'Delete' button. You can navigate your images by clicking on the arrow button. Go Next, Go To Begining. On the top of the image, it shows you the image number, and the total images you have for this item.  

Feature No. 9

Powerful Reports

Feature No. 10

Selling List


Feature No. 11

Search your collection

  You can search all the fields. Double-click on an item in search result, it brings you the Detailed view of the item.  
  Advanced search option let you choose the fields you want to searh..  

Feature No. 12

It's Very Easy to Use

Using Collection Master is easy. It provides help every where you go. Online help is always available. And also, it has ToolTips, Context menu, and Tips of the day.
Right click the right mouse button, it brings up the context menu
Move the mouse over a label, it shows ToolTip

And much much more...

Collection Master is loaded with features. It has all the features other collection softwares have, plus much much more easy to use features.