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 FAQ For Collection Master 1.3
 FAQ For Collection Master 1.0

Collection Master 1.3
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FAQ for Collection Master 1.3

Does Collection Master work on Mac?
Does Collection Master work on Windows XP?
I received the error "Cannot start main setup program! (Create Process() returned error code 0x000000C1H)" when installing Collection Master, what do I do?
This symptom occurs after a previous installation attempt of the same application failed (for example, the computer stopped responding during setup), follow these steps:
  1. Click on Start from Windows status bar;
  2. Go to "Search | Files and Folders" and search for "appCollectionMaster.cab." If found, delete the ".cab" file;
  3. Search for "vb6stkit.dll." If the file size is 0 bytes, delete the file;
  4. Search for "st6unst.exe." If the file size is 0 bytes, delete the file;
  5. Search for"setup1.exe." If the file size is 0 bytes, delete the file;
  6. Search for a folder called "msftqws.pdw" (if it exists, it should be in Windows\Temp). If found, delete the folder "msftqws.pdw;" and
  7. Install Collection Master
What database Collection Master is using?
Collection Master uses XML as database engine.
Does the software provide the images of each piece in the LuRay collection?
Collection Master does not come with any collection specific data or images. You need to enter your own collection data or images.
How many individual items will Collection Master inventory?
In Collection Master, individual items are grouped into collections. Each collection can store several thousands of items. But, it may getting slow when the program launches. However, there is no limit on number of collections you can have. So, the best configuration is to spread out your entire collection into smaller collections. The best configuration is to have each collection smaller than 1,000 items.
How big is the description field?
The description field is limited to 2,000 characters. In case you have very long description, you need to store the long text in a text document or Word document and then create a link to the document. With Collection Master 1.3, each individual items allows you to create unlimited number of links. These links can be linked to an external document, web pages, or even multi-media files such as movie or music file.
How can I back-up the stored information filed in the program, in the event of computer failure?
Collection Master 1.3 comes with backup and restore features. As long as you backup your files frequently, all data that have been backed up can be restored with a click of button.
How can I backup my files to CD?
To backup your files to CD, you need a CD burner software to write your file to CD. Collection Master is not CD burner software and it will not be able to write to CD drive.
Will Collection Master prints annual report of sales & taxes?
Collection Master will not deal with taxes or sales report.