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Collection Master 1.3
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Collection Master

Is your Pottery & China collection need to be organized? Collection Master can help.

  • Stores complete detail of each item
  • 10 fully customizable fields
  • Unlimited number of images for each item
  • SmartList automatically types for you
  • Compute profit automatically
  • Summary view to browse entire collection
  • Search on any fields in your collection
  • Designed for any type of collections
  • 70 + preloaded collection templates
  • Manage many types of collection in on program
  • Window Explore type of User Interface
  • View all collections in one screen
  • Clone a collection with a click
  • Move collection for reoragnization
  • Powerful reports
  • Easy to use, get help everywhere
  • Automatically generates selling list

Complete Detail For each Item
Stores description, type, name, manufacturer, location, condition, etc.
Store purchase information such as where you bought it, when, how much, who you sold it to and for how much

Unlimited Number of Images for each Item
Collection Master makes images your friends.
It shows the snap shut of each image in the Detailed view. Images are resized to fit into the snap shut window. Full-size image can also be view by double-clicking on the image. Click the 'New' button to add a new image. To delete an image just click on the 'Delete' button. You can navigate your images by clicking on the arrow button. Go Next, Go To Beginning. On the top of the image, it shows you the image number, and the total images you have for this item. Image can also be added by drag-and-drop.

Designed for any type of Collection. Fully Customizable.
With 70 collection templates, no matter what you collect, the Collection Master will handle all the details. And it's fully customizable. If you have other collectibles that don't fall into the any template, you can easily create your own template with Collection Wizard. (Screen shots may vary with templates).

Manage Multiple Collections in One Program and View Them All In One Screen
The Window Explore type of interface let you view all items in one screen. Even when they are in different collections. Switch to another item or collection is just a click away.
Click on collection icon to view all items in the collection. Click on item icon to view item detail.

Summary view to browse entire collection
Summary View allows you to view all items in a collection at once. And you can sort them by any field. Double-click on a column heading and it sorts all items based on that column. Double-click it again, it sorts in the reversed order.

Move, Clone Items, in case you want to re-organize your collection
For example, if you have too many duck stamps in 'US Stamps' collection, it maybe a good time to create a new collection called 'Duck Stamps', After the 'Duck Stamps' is created, you don't have to re-enter all duck stamps again.
Use 'Clone Item' when a series of similar items need to be entered.

Powerful Reports

    Item Report

    Collection Report

Password Protected

Backup and Restore

And much much more...
Collection Master is loaded with features. It has all the features other collection softwares have, plus much much more easy to use features.